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Client Handles: @CityofKunming on Facebook and Twitter

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The Client: ConnectChina and Kunming Publicity Board

The Challenge: The City of Kunming’s Publicity Board in the province of Yunnan were looking to promote the city to British businesses and tourists, ahead of a delegation from the city attending the 2018 International Business Festival in Liverpool. The two cities signed a friendship agreement in Kunming in 2016 and the delegation from Kunming were traveling to Liverpool to further strengthen the relationship between the two cities. The trip was organised by ConnectChina, who reached out to Appt for help to establish Kunming’s presence on Western social media prior to the festival.

The Solution: Appt designed a brand identity tailored to Western audiences before accounts for the City of Kunming were created on Facebook and Twitter. Appt then ran a focused campaign across Facebook and Twitter in the weeks leading up to the 2018 International Business Festival.

Appt created and shared content, built a following and ran targeted Facebook advertising campaigns. Appt designed a campaign which aimed to raise awareness of Kunming as a tourist destination with historical and cultural significance in Southwest China. The campaign also highlighted emerging business opportunities in Kunming for UK businesses.

As a result, the City of Kunming’s online following grew and saw interaction with Liverpool government officials and UK businesses. The profiles are engaged with on a regular basis. Appt UK worked closely with Appt China to deliver the project, effectively bridging cultural and language divides.

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